Yume (ユメ, Yume) is the Hunter of Haruhiro's party and one of the main protagonists of Hai to Gensō no Grimgar series.


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Yume has pale skin, reddish brown braided hair, brown eyes, and small breasts. In battle she wears a Hunter outfit that the guild provided to her.


Brave and energetic, Yume is the hunter of the group although she initially shows relatively little proficiency at archery, a hunter's main weapon skill. This leads her to take up machete (or short sword) skills when she has the opportunity to train, and it seems she enjoys more success in close combat as opposed to ranged combat. This changes as she gains more experience, and by the middle of the series, she can make kill shots on goblins from a hundred yards away.

Of the two girls in the group initially, she is the more outgoing and friendly, often acting as a sort of shield for Shihoru. She enjoys good relations with most of the group, especially Haruhiro and Manato, though she has a somewhat antagonistic relationship with Ranta, who often refers to her as "boobless woman" when they argue. Like all the group, she is initially wary of Mary, especially when her initial attempts at friendship are rebuffed. After some trials and tribulations, the group as a whole warm to Mary, and this includes the warming of Yume's relationship with the party's replacement healer.

Although she is quite mature and emotionally stable, Manato's death affects her strongly and she only begins to cope when she has a good crying session with Haruhiro, which strengthens the bond between the two. While she enjoys good relations with almost everyone in the group, with the exception of Ranta, she seems especially close to Haruhiro and they fight as a pair to take on opponents, while Ranta and Moguzo are proficient enough in combat to take on their opponents solo.In her spare time, she like rock climbing and is apparently quite good at it, being able to climb almost vertical surfaces and demonstrating skill with rock climbing equipment.


Life Prior to Grimgar

At a young age, Yume and her family moved to the Kansai region in Japan and was often bullied from her classmates because of her speech. She spoke different than their dialects and was ostracized for it.

Level. 1

Level. 2

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Level. 4

Level. 5


As a member of the Hunter guild, she is given both a bow and a machete. However, early on she is not very skilled with the bow, and tends to stick with short-ranged combat.

  • Cross Cut (Diagonal Cross): The Hunter swings two blades in a X pattern that is a half slashing and half smashing attack. Allows blades to act as clubs that can crush or strip armor.
  • Sweeping Slash (Brush Clearer): A powerful sideways sweeping attack. Can be used as evasive.
  • Sharp Sight (Quick-eye): Improve bow accuracy and range. Grant improved evasion to incoming projectiles attacks as well. It also increases the accuracy of hitting moving targets.
  • Pit Rat: A skill that allows a hunter to swiftly dodge enemy blows.
  • Star Pierce: A skill that increases the range and power of throwing knives that can be used quicker than a bow.
  • Fox Vault (Weasel Somersault): An evasive kukri-based dodge roll skill.
  • Contact Shot: A close range archery skill.
  • Raging Tiger: A skill in which the user does a somersault followed by a powerful attack.
  • Rapid Fire: A skill that allows a hunter to rapidly fire arrows off at the cost of accuracy. For Yume, after a few shots one will completely miss the target.
  • Stop-eye: A technique that uses special eye exercises, methods of breathing, and methods of regulating the body to increase shooting accuracy.
  • Hunting:
  • Tracking:
  • Pit Trap: Involves making a trap.
  • Bear Trap:
  • Narrow Spear: A skill used only as a last resort that uses an arrow as a melee weapon for close quarter combat.


Volume 1

  • After Hunter training, Yume had a bow, quiver full of arrows, and a machete.

Volume 5

  • Yume purchased a new elven composite bow along with a new machete.

Volume 7

  • Bought a number of light, bone protectors to improve her defense.
  • Had picked up a curved sword that was the same size of her machete in the City of Dead Ones. Haruhiro kept calling it a wantou, the word for curved blade, so Yume named her sword Wan-chan.

Volume 10

  • Picked up a thick, somewhat short katana in the Mound of Katanas.



As the only girls, before Mary joins, the two are close. They share the same room and although their personalities are different, they get along well.


Yume doesn't seem to get along with Mary as well as she does Shihoru, as the two are almost never seen together outside combat. Further, Mary got rather angry with Yume and Shihoru's initial attempts to befriend her.


Yume gets along reasonably well with Haruhiro, though neither has really shown any serious discussion outside crying over Manato's death, and group discussions.


Yume and Ranta have a slightly antagonistic relationship. Yume has mentioned that she finds him hard to like, given his abrasive personality and habit of teasing her about being flat-chested, and continues to tease her when she asks him to stop. However, the two do care for each other as teammates. It is heavily implied that Ranta has feelings for Yume, as evidenced by him getting upset over the idea of Yume and Haruhiro being a couple, and thinking of Yume when he thought he was going to die and says he wished he had fondled her breasts.


Moguzo and Yume didn't really talk much outside normal discussion.




Yume's master in the Hunter's Guild. She shares a father/daughter relationship with him.


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"It feels so calm when I lean on you like this" -Yume to Haruhiro (Episode 5)


  • Yume if translated means "Dream" (夢) in kanji.
  • In both Light Novel and Manga she has a twin braided orange hair and blue eyes, however in anime adaptation she has reddish brown hair, only one braid and brown eyes.
  • Cross Cut is a skill that uses two blades but she has only one kukri knife.
  • Yume refers to herself in the third person speech.
  • Yume most likely has a sort of lisp and or a problem with her speech as a whole.She is commonly seen in the anime to say words and phrases oddly.She would say goblins odd till She was corrected.
  • Despite Hunter blade skills being mostly used with machetes and short blades, it appears that Yume is instinctively skilled at using a katana and is able to use them with a longer blade.
  • Although hunters are predominately archer's (the skill not the Class) Yume has been noted to be a terrible shot. She has improved, but still considered poor.


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