Takasagi (タカサギ) is a human within the Forgan group.


At some point in the past, he lost his left eye and right arm, which was lopped off be Jumbo.




Even though Takasagi has lost his dominant arm, he is still a formidable opponent. Just his posture gives off intimidating aura. Ranta speculates that if he, Haruhiro and Kuzaku were to gang up against Takasagi, they wouldn't stand a slim chance of winning. Takasagi fought without much strain against both Ranta and powered-up Zodiac, resulting in Ranta fleeing the fight.



For a short period of time Takasagi trained Ranta in swordsmanship. After Ranta left Forgan Takasagi chased him, but after a fight Takasagi ultimately let Ranta escape.



  • Used to be a volunteer soldier.


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