Sudden Storm is a song used in the 11th episode of Hai to Gensō no Grimgar anime adaptation. It is performed by (K)NoW_NAME, that also performed the opening theme and the ending theme.


As I walk through the shadow of the valley of death
I fear no evil, cuz I've got you by my side

The sword of justice cuts through to spread
A life, a future, a day for us to shine

Gotta go it's time, here I come to make it right

Slowly I walk into the silent, gutsy, winding path
All my life I've been lost and searching
Hey comrades take a stance
It's time to take a shot

I don't care if you're lost
I dont care if you're off
I don't care if it hurt
Go ahead and get some blood

You know where we are now
There's no one you can trust
Just keep on slaying on
You'll need that courage on

I don't care if you're lost
I don't care if you're off
I don't care if you're hurt
Show your thing and throw some mud

I know where you are now
Those are the days of lust
Just keep it going on
And keep that blazing on

Wonder where I'll go from here, in this battlefield
But I know that...

I will shout till all is burnt and swept
I'll bring the fire in and drain
I wanna hear you screaming for my name
(C'mon show what you got)

Singin in the fame
Even when the future's gray
I'll shine my sword to show and lead the way
(Fightin' till I win, time's tickin', better start runnin' for your life,
I don't care about a war crime)

Dust and ashes are the same
The savage wars will never end

The blood I shed will turn to soil and blend
Nothing's gonna stop my blade from slaying them
I'll keep my faith


Sudden Storm - (K)NoW NAME

Sudden Storm - (K)NoW NAME