Team Soma is a six-member party led by Soma. It is the founding party of the Day Breakers clan. Deemed by many as Crimson Moon's strongest and most famous team, their main base is somewhere located in the ruins of Ishmael.



  • Samurai

The team's titular leader. At some point after Nino's death, Souma attained the Samurai class, a special title given from a hidden village.


  • Shaman

One of the team's original members, she was previously a Thief until Nino's death. Like her teammates, she changed her class while living with the elves and became a Shaman.


  • Paladin

Originally a Warrior, he changed guilds after Nino's death. One of the team's original members.


  • Necromancer


  • Sword Dancer; elf

Lilia is the heiress of House Sturm, a noble family that was once renowned. She joined Souma's team sometime after Nino's death.


  • Golem

Pingo's creation.

Former Members


  • Priest (deceased)

She was team Soma's priest during their early days. Though years have past after her death, it seems that Soma's main objective is for her revival.


Team Akira Akira      Miho      Gohho      Kayo      Tallow      Branken
Team Choko Unknown      Unknown      Unknown      Unknown      Kuzaku ±      Choko
Team Haruhiro Haruhiro      Ranta      Manato      Yume      Shihoru      Moguzo      Mary      Kuzaku      Setora      Enba
Team Io Io      Katazu      Tasukete      Jam      Tonbe      Gomi
Team Kuzuoka Kuzuoka      Unknown      Unknown      Unknown      Unknown      Unknown
Team Michiki Michiki      Ogg      Mutsumi      Hayashi ±      Mary ±
Team Renji Renji      Ron      Adachi      Sassa      Chibi
Team Rocks Rock      Kajita      Moyugi      Kurou      Sakanami      Tsuga
Team Souma Soma      Kemuri      Shima      Nino      Pingo      Zenmai      Lilia Sturm
Team Tokkis Tokimune      Tada      Inui      Mimori      Anna-san      Kikkawa

†  Deceased        ±  Defected