Shuro Setora (シュロ・セトラ) is the third daughter of a main family from the Thousand Valley village and a Necromancer. She does not appear too often out in public and usually dwells in her home. Like Pingo, she is always seen and accompanied by her creation Enva (エンバ, Enba).


Setora has black hair in a bob cut, big eyes and childlike face. To Haruhiro and Mary, her appearance reminded that of Choko.


Setora has a harsh personality, blatantly telling and doing what she wants with little to no concern for anyone other that Haruhiro and herself. Thus, she didn't even try to remember everyone else's names. As the story progresses Setora starts to act more in a group.


Volume 8

Setora, as a nyaa tamer, helped Haruhiro to save Mary from Forgan by eliminating enemy's nyaas and locating Mary. In exchange Haruhiro promised to give his left eye.

Volume 9

Setora leaves the Hidden Village and joins Haruhiro's group. She made Haruhiro act as her lover, instead of taking his eye.


As a Necromancer, she can create human beings using various human body parts and have it obey her every command. She also has the ability to control nyaas as her scouts. Setora is also good at cooking, as well as with different weapons.


Volume 12

  • Took the short sword and a normal dagger, found in a dwarf hole.



Unlike all other members of house Shuro, Setora has strong attachment to her golem Enba. After the latter was destroyed by a guorrella, Setora, full of anger, recklessly assaulted the guorrella without a chance to win.


Setora took a major interest in Haruhiro, which later developed into love. Haruhiro is the only one in the group, whom Setora addresses by name.



  • "Haru! Don't you dare hold other women...!"
  • "Don't think that being a man is an excuse for your arrogance! However, I fancy that part of you! Now I am more eager of carrying your offspring! So this is the sensation of love...!"


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