Sassa (サッサ, Sassa) is one of the batch that arrived in Ortana's tower the same time as Haruhiro. She joined Renji's party as their Thief.


Given the simple rarity of her appearances, she isn't seen much. She has been noted to be tall with brown eyes and hair and a nice figure. When Haruhiro sees her during the Orc attack on Alterna, he notices she is adopting their teacher Barbara's tendence for revealing clothing.


As stated above, she doesn't apear much, so much of her personality is a mystery. Her most notable apperance what when she asked Renji to join his group, suggesting she would be allowing for sexual act to be done to her. This suggests a desperation to survive. However, she did strike a Orc from cover during the Orc attack on Alterna, showing that she is not a coward.



Sassa is a thief like Haruhiro. She is more agile than Haruhiro but lacked raw strength compared to him. She seems to be unaware of the Line of light ability as she was surprised when Haruhiro performed it.

  • Backstab (背面打突, Bakku Sutabu; lit. Back Infliction): Sassa's Backstab is more advanced than Haruhiro. Instead of just striking the torso area she can also strike the neck allowing for swifter kills.
  • Swat (蠅叩, Suwatto; lit. Fly Strike): A melee skill that causes opponents to lose their balance and fall to the ground. Less likely to work on especially strong or tough enemies. Particularly effective for parrying attacks in a duel.
  • Kneeshatter: A kicking skill that causes enemies to fall over.








  • (to Renji) "I’ll do anything, I’m Sassa. Please, I’ll do anything you ask. Anything."



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