Sakanami (サカナミ, Sakanami) is a member of team Typhoon Rocks and Day Breakers clan . Since his Thief teacher is also Barbara, he regards Haruhiro as a blood brother. He is currently the most eccentric character in the Grimgar series.


He is described as a tall, thin man.


He is one of the most unusual people Haruhiro has met up to date. In addition to his deranged way of fighting, Sakanami blabs in an inconsistent manner when assaulting his opponents.











  • "... I have committed yet another sin. The god, the god that had resided in me, is now dead...!"
  • "I'll act as your substitute. You shouldn't be clouding over the light of youth. That's akin to a bundle of bad luck. The blood shouldn't get muddy. If you've the time to talk, then might as well embrace the ambition. That just gives a heartbreak..."
  • "Both you and I have the same blood flowing in us."
  • "Your mentor is Barbara, right? Doesn't that woman usually tie you up or make you faint?"
  • "Amandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...!"



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