Renji (レンジ, Renji) is a Warrior and leader of his own party.


  • Tall
  • Silver hair
  • Husky voice
  • Muscular build


Renji has shown a strange interest in combat on a repeated basis. When first introduced, he grabbed Britney's knife bare handed, started a fight with Ron so make him his second in command, and showed excitement at fighting an Orc during the Orc raid in book 3. However, he shows a notable generosity, as he accepted Sassa into his team despite her then apparent lack of ability, and was going to give a gold coin to Haruhiro's Party after Manato's death.


Renji and his team were brought to Grimgar at the same time as Haruhiro's party. He formed his team and left. There is very little interaction between Haruhiro and Renji's team other than being noted that Renji's team is doing extremely well, and are seen in expensive garb. When Manato dies, Renji gives the team a gold coin, which Haruhiro refuses. Later, during an Orc attack on Alterna, Haruhiro sees Renji fight the Orc leader and win. Haruhiro comes to the aid of Renjis party during the Twin-Headed Snake operation. After the Twin-Headed Snake Operation, Renji tries to recruit Ranta into his party saying that he could properly use him.











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