Orion (オリオン) is a clan mostly consisting of Warrior members. Its current leader is Shinohara. Many of its members are well-mannered. There are over 30 members with around one-third of them are women.

The clan symbol is seven crests in an X shape that is worn on the back a cape that all members wear.

In Volume 4, Orion was at the Lonesome Field Outpost preparing to go to Mount Grief when they encountered Haruhiro's Party.

In Volume 6, Orion was hunting in the Dusk Realm having discovered that white giants contain valuable ore in their bodies. 24 members later join the Day Breakers, Iron Knuckles, Berserkers, Tokkis, Lala and Nono, and five other non-clan affiliated parties in an assault on the white giant god.

Known Members

  • Shinohara - Warrior; leader
  • Kimura - Warrior
  • Hayashi - Warrior, Joined shortly after the majority of his party died.

Former Members

  • Mary - Priest who briefly joined after most of her party died but soon left.



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