Ogu (オグ, Ogu) was a Thief of Michiki's party.


Ogg appeared to be very happy go lucky and energetic.



Ogu only appears in Merry's flashbacks, however, his first physical appearance can be noted in the Cyrene Mine. He appears with Mutsumi and Michiki, as lifeless zombie like versions of their old selves, kept alive due to the No-Life King. Ogu and his lifeless team attack Haruhiro's party, including their old team mate, Merry. Haruhiro notices Ogu's advanced skills, and learns there is much more to learn about his class.


  • Swat: A melee skill that causes opponents to lose their balance and fall to the ground, and more experienced users can inflict critical injuries. Less likely to work on especially strong or tough enemies. Particularly effective for parrying attacks in a duel.










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