Mutsumi (ムツミ, Mutsumi) was a Mage of Michiki's party.


Mutsumi was very energetic and happy go lucky, she appeared to have a close relationship with Mary.



Mutsumi appears in Mary's flashbacks, however, her first physical appearance can be noted in the Cyrene Mine. she appears with Michiki and Ogu, as lifeless zombie like versions of their old selves, kept alive due to the Deathless King's Curse. Michiki and his lifeless team attack Haruhiro's party, including their old team mate, Mary. Mutsumi casts a firewall to protect her team mates and keep Haruhiro's group from attacking; while in the firewall she shot various other fire spells to better defend herself. Mary disregarded the firewall, and immediately went in to save her friend from the curse and used her dispell to release her. Due to the fight with Mutsumi, Shihoru mentions she would like to learn some offensive magic to help the group out.


Non-Elemental Magic

  • Magic Missile: The most basic of spells taught to all Mages. A ball of light about the size of a fist that bursts from the end of the Mage's staff to hit someone. More experienced Mages can cast more powerful versions of this spell. Mutsumi can cast multiple Magic Missile at once, but the force behind isn't very much, as during the fight with Haruhiro's party, Haruhiro was struck in the face. Haruhiro noted that it did no more injury than a punch in the face but hurt all the same. As he was neither injured, nor even knocked out, the force can't be very much. Its incantation is "Marc em Parc".

Avre Magic

  • Sirocco: A basic fire elemental spell- a single direction flurry of wind with the scorching heat of fire. Its incantation is "Derem hel en van alev".
  • Wall of Fire: A defensive fire spell- summons a curtain of fire in front of the caster to deter approaching enemies. Its incantation is "Derem hel en rig alev".










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