Mimori (ミモリ, Mimori) is a Mage of Tokimune's party.


Mimori is noted by Haruhiro to be exceptionally tall, over 180 cm by his estimate (about 5' 11"), and just large in general, though not considered fat. She is also noted to be extremely voluptuous, and has small animal-like facial features he considers incongruous with her height. She dresses in the Halloween-witch garb of the mage class




Mimori specializes in using fire spells. She originally was a warrior and still carries a sword that is sheathed in her staff. In close combat she uses a two-handed staff and sword style. Mimori's sword has elemental coating on it allowing her to cast spells and fight with a sword. Despite the process being expensive, Mimori treats it poorly.

Avre Magic

  • Fireball: The most basic spell of Arve magic.The mage forms a ball of fire larger than a person's fist and fires it toward an enemy. Its incantation is "Delm hel en ig arve".
  • Fire Pillar: The strongest spell Mimori can cast. It forms a pillar of fire on the enemy. The pillar is smaller than Mimori is. Its incantation is "Delm hel en rig arve".
  • Blast: A powerful Arve spell. Beginning users are able to blast a hole in the ground 1.5 meters in diameter. When Mimori first learned the spell she could cast it 5 times before becoming exhausted. Its incantation is "Delm hel en balk zel arve".








Has feelings for Haruhiro. Thinks of him as a pet.



  • Nicknamed "the Giantess".


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