Honen (ホーネン, Hōnen) is a high-ranking member of the Priests Guild and was Manato's teacher in light magic.


Manato described him as an austere mentor and would often yell. Though he is harsh and strict, he does show compassion. He also offers to pay for Manato's funeral if the team is unable to afford it.


Honen's appearance in the light novel is very different than it is in the anime. In the light novel, Haruhiro describes him as a rock, fit to be a warrior as opposed to a priest. In the anime, he is a skinny old man, who is bald on top but with white hair that is long on the sides and a hooked nose, that wears the traditional priest outfit.


None of his abilities are shown, but as he is teaching others within his guild, it is presumed he is greatly skilled in the ways of the Priest's Guild.