For Crimson Moon Reserve members there exist seven known guilds they can join: "Warrior"; "Mage"; "Paladin"; "Priest"; "Hunter"; "Dread Knight" and "Thief".

Becoming a Member

It costs eight silvers to join a guild. It is frowned upon and restricted for someone to have two professions or join multiple guilds. A guild protects an individual’s rights, offers a place to learn the trade, and guild members offer mutual protection for each other. Those who want to pursue work in a given profession within Alterna must join the related guild.

Only a sanctioned guild mentor is allowed to teach someone the guild's skills and techniques. Anyone attempting to enter a trade or learn a skill without becoming a guild member would soon find their businesses purposely impeded upon by the guild. Since everyone knows about this consequence, no one would do any business with someone who operated outside of a guild anyway.

All members of a guild have to abide by established rules and regulations or risk being penalized. Newly inducted members into any of the guilds are required to make it through a demanding seven-day crash course on the basics of the trade.

Members of a guild must pay to learn new skills. Though some skills are only taught to veteran and trustworthy members of the guild who are capable of learning it.

One can leave and join a guild at any time if another eight silvers are paid but those who were not qualified to be mentors are forbidden to speak to others about the guild’s techniques, and other secret skills.

The majority of guilds have a code that is passed down verbally to its new members. Anyone who breaks the code will be expelled. The consequences of expulsion vary form never being able to join the guild again to being hunted down and killed.

Warriors' Guild

A warrior is a profession that focuses on wielding heavy armor and weaponry. Their job is to be a front line tank who faces enemies head on with strength and fury. They are considered one of two classes that no party can be without.

Warriors require very expensive armor and equipment and many parities pool their money to equip their Warriors. Due to the high cost of high end equipment, it is also typical for parties to salvage armor piece meal from downed enemies and slowly build a full suit of armor.


  • Unknown


Former Members:

  • Inui - Joined the Hunters' Guild
  • Kemuri - Joined the Paladins' Guild
  • Mimori - Joined the Mages' Guild
  • Tada - Joined the Priests' Guild


Known Skills/Techniques
Name Description Users
Rage Cleave
Rage Blow
The most basic of basic skills taught to Warriors after initiation into the Warrior’s Guild. A very powerful cut that can cleave through bodies and even lift opponents into the air. Moguzo
Spiral Slash
A powerful slash that causes opponents to stagger back. Moguzo, Anthony Justin
War Cry Briefly intimidates and stuns nearby opponents by screaming.Takes a lot of effort and can’t be used repeatedly.   Moguzo, Kajita
Forward Thrust
Fast Thrust
A one-handed thrust with fairly long reach. Moguzo
Reverse Thrust
Back Thrust
A thrust used while retreating. Moguzo
Steel Guard A defensive technique which uses one's energy to reinforce their armor to deflect enemy attacks. Moguzo
Speeding Thrust A one-handed attack. Moguzo
Somersault Bomb A powerful skill using a somersault momentum to add power. A heavy armor combat skill. Michiki, Tada
Tornado Slam An attack where one spins around creating momentum to add power to a strike. Tada
Haze An attack that swings upward diagonally. Tada

Mages' Guild

The quintessential magic profession in Grimgar, they draw a magic diagram in mid air that releases spells. A spell can be sped up or slowed down depending on a mage’s experience and skill. Preventing or distracting a Mage from finishing the diagram cancels the spell.

Mages have no close combat ability and thus typically stay at the most protected area in the back of parties. Excessive casting of spells drains a Mage's stamina and energy.

While all Mages can cast very basic spells, more experienced Mages use the power of magical beings called elementals to cast. The elements include include Arve, the magic of fire; Kanon the magic of ice; Falz the magic of lightning; and Darsh, the magic of shadow. Mages can cast improved versions of the spells they know by adding el to the incantation as shown with Shadow Echo and Shadow Mist which are the improved versions of Shadow Beat and Sleepy Shade. Elementals do not like metals, which is why Mages go unarmed and unarmored. There is a process called Elemental Coating that allows a Mage to use coated metal objects and still cast spells. It is very expensive.

Due to Shihoru using Darsh spells, the majority of magic currently known focuses on that branch. The majority of Darsh spells confuse or stun enemies rather than directly damage them. It’s main purpose is to support parties in fights. Darsh spells seem to have reduced effect on undead opponents.

According to Gohho, there is a limited number of spells that the Mage's Guild will or can teach. After that a mage must study and experiment to discover new spells and ways to use them.


Senior members that become instructors in the Mages' Guild carry the title of Wizard.

  • Wizard Yoruka - Shihoru's mentor
  • Wizard Sarai - a senior mage who teaches new mages the basics such as Magic Missile. Also known as the great elder mage of the Mage's Guild.


  • Shihoru - Shadow magic user, branching out to Lightning.
  • Adachi - Ice magic user
  • Mutsumi - Fire magic user
  • Mimori - Fire magic user
  • Miho - Unknown
  • Matsuro - Unknown
  • Momohina - Unknown
  • Yasuma - Unknown

Former Members:

  • Anna-san - Joined the Priests' Guild
  • Gogh - Joined the Priest's Guild


Known Skills/Techniques
Name Description Enchant Users
Magic Missile The most basic of spells taught to all Mages. A ball of light about the size of a fist that bursts from the end of the mages staff to hit someone. More experienced Mages can cast more powerful versions of this spell. "Marc em parq"

Marc em Parc

Shihoru, Mutsumi,

Jesse Smith, Yasuma

Shadow Beat A shadow spell that has the appearance of a frizzy black strand of seaweed. Temporarily disables someone hit by it by causing convulsions instead of damage. "Oom rel eckt vel das"
Ohm rel ect vel darsh
Phantom Sleep
Sleepy Shade
A shadow spell that causes opponents hit by it to fall asleep. Casting range is about sixty-five feet away. Works best on single or group of isolated targets to prevent nearby allies from waking them up. "Oom rel eckt krom das" Shihoru
Shadow Bind
Shadow Bond
A shadow elemental is placed on the ground, which immobilizes any enemy who steps on it. Only one elemental can be placed at a time, and only lasts for up to twenty-five seconds. Especially strong enemies can force their way out of the bind. "Oom rel eckt nem das"
Ohm rel ect nemun darsh
Shadow Complex A shadow elemental that flies through the air in a tight spiral, that attaches to an opponents face and seeps into their eyes, nose, ears and mouth. This spell bewilders the enemy and even works on strong-willed enemies. "Oom rel eckt pram das"
Ohm rel ect palam darsh
Hot Wind
A basic fire elemental spell- a single direction flurry of wind with the scorching heat of fire. "Derem hel en van alev" Mutsumi
Wall of Fire
A defensive fire spell- summons a curtain of fire in front of the caster to deter approaching enemies. "Derem hel en rig alev" Mutsumi
Blood Freeze
Freezing Blood
A spell that freezes part of the enemy. "Jeeru mea gram fel kanon" Adachi
Ice Comet
Ice Globe
An ice elemental spell that freezes the moisture in the air to create a ball of ice that flies through the air to strike the opponent. "Jeeru mea gram tera kanon" Adachi, Shihoru
Lightning Summons a bolt of lightning from the sky to strike the enemy. "Jess yeen sark fram dart" Shihoru
Thunderstorm More powerful version of Lightning, where a bundle of lighting strikes the enemy. Has a small area of affect. "Jess yeen sark kart fram dart" Shihoru
Shadow Armor A defensive spell that neutralizes one attack. A shadow elemental envelopes the mage's body. "Ohm rel ect delm brem darsh" Shihoru
Shadow Mist It is the upgraded form of Sleepy Shadow that induces an

intense sleepiness in the target. It can affect multiple targets but the is less effective when the enemy is aware of the spell being cast.

"Ohm rel ect el krom darsh" Shihoru
Shadow Echo It is the upgraded form of Shadow Beat that fires three blackish purple projectiles that stun an enemy momentarily. "Ohm rel ect el vel darsh" Shihoru
Fireball A ball of fire larger than a fist fires at a target. The most basic of basic Arve magic. "Delm hel en ig arve" Mimori
Fire Pillar It forms a pillar of fire on the enemy. The pillar is only human-sized. "Delm hel en rig arve" Mimori
Blast Mentioned by Haruhiro as a powerful Arve spell. Supposedly stronger than Fire Pillar. Beginning users are able to blast a hole in the ground 1.5 meters in diameter. "Delm hel en balk zel arve" Mimori, Mary, Momohina
Shadow Pond Is the upgraded form of Shadow Bond. It is able to immobilize multiple enemies provided they are close to one another. "Ohm rel ect el nemun darsh" Shihoru
Blaze Cliff Possibly a more advanced version of Fire Wall. Jessie Smith, Mary

Non-Mage Guild Spells:

Known Skills/Techniques
Name Description Enchant Users
Unknown A spell that requires two mages. It creates a high and low pitched sound that creates a powerful explosion that can blow the head off of an 8 meter tall giant. Gohho describes it as letting an elemental loose and activating an alternate power. 1st Incantation: "De he lu en ba zea ruv dag na mitoh la we swa va"2nd Incantation: "Ne ve lu shia rass fe de ge hi mina sheh kweh du il" Miho & Gogh
Unknown A spell that requires two mages. It was described by Haruhiro as a whirlwind of hot air. The spell moves in different directions and exerts tremendous pressure on enemies caught in the center of it as well as being extremely hot. The pressure is so strong it can crush a hydra. 1st Incantation: "Ea zu fau new meu hoa rahi kweh ba ju sai le cthu"2nd Incantation: "Ni fau shin dza wao iki le vu duma gis qua zu" Miho & Gogh
Unknown A spell that generates a purple thing that is neither flame or lightning that explodes into an enemy creating cuts and tears into the targets flesh. "Kwa do roh wo su eck lue rah va le" Miho
Unknown A spell that generates a blackish green light. Each time the light flashes it strikes the enemy, piercing through it and scratching it up. "Ah lua de muo su vi gwa pa le tu kia" Miho
Unknown A spell that generates a pink dot that upon contact with an enemy emits a loud noise and grows in size. It erases or melts the part of an enemy the pink dot comes into contact with. "Ta tu rua fa yek nie she la stoa ryu kweh wana" Miho
Unknown A spell that creates a giant explosion. "De he lu en ba zea ruv ah tu la" Gogh
Dark A spell that summons an elemental as a familiar spirit. Dark adopts the Darsh magic that Shihoru uses and looks like a tiny person that is entirely black. Dark can replicate any Darsh spell effect. Dark Shihoru

Priests' Guild

A magic profession that cast light spells in the form of prayers and wield staffs like the Mage. They worship the God of Light Lumiaris (ルミアリス, Rumiarisu) along with Paladins. They are considered one of two classes that no party can be without. The Priest acts as the party’s healer and protector, who support their companions during fights. Unlike Mages, they do possess several close combat techniques that allow them to operate in the front line in an emergency.

Priests must say their prayers exactly or their spells will not work. The prayer is: O Light, may Lumiaris's divine protection be upon you. They are also required to make a small gesture or prayer for every enemy that is killed. Similar to Mages, excessive use of spells can drain stamina and energy. For this reason more experienced priests will only heal major injuries in the field, and leave minor cuts/bruises alone for later.

Priest magic does not work in the Dusk Realm.


  • Honen - Manato's mentor



Known Skills/Techniques
Name Description Users
Cure A light spell that heals and binds small wounds but does not cause pain to fade. Manato, Mary
Smash The most basic of Priests self defense skills. Allows a Priest to hit with a massive amount of force using their staff. Manato, Mary
Heal Unlike Cure, Heal doesn’t require the Priest to hold their hand close over the injury. It can be used to heal a wounded person from a distance, and is effective for injuries anywhere on the body. Mary
Counter Strike
Hit Back
Allows a priest to absorb the momentum and force of a weapon’s attack by blocking and storing it. Then using that force for a follow up strike with their staff.   Mary
Guard Stance
A priest uses their staff to greatly increase their defenses. Mary
Light of Judgement
An offensive spell that utilizes the God of Light Lumiaris’ power to punish their enemies. A spell only used by experienced priests that has a short range and does low damage, but causes the bodies of its targets to go numb and slows their movements for a short duration.  Mary
Dispel A spell that turns the undead reducing them to ash. Particularly necessary as conventional weapons cannot kill the undead, as even their severed limbs and heads remain animated. This spell must be used in short range. Mary
Light of Protection
A support spell that enhances physical ability, resistance, and speeds up the body's natural healing process. It can be cast on up to six people and lasts for 30 minutes. The hexagon symbol of the God of Light floats over the recipients wrists for the duration of the spell. A noted effect is that the recipients of the spell feel lighter. Mary
Purify A spell that is used to remove poison Mary
Sacrament The highest healing spell that can recover any kind of injury, though it cannot recover lost organs. Mary, Tada, Anna-san, Tsuga
Assist A single target support spell that stacks with Protection. Mary
Revenge A self-defense skill. Mary
Knock Off An self-defense skill. Mary
Circlet A spell that generates a small ring of light that heals everyone within its radius. Mary
Prayer A rare spell that is said to create 'miracles', though in truth can be a hit or a miss as it does not work most times. After Tsuga casts 'Prayer', it appears in a form of mist minutes after activation to conceal from the horde of wyverns, though it is Mary's speculation. Tsuga
Parupunte (Hocus Pocus) This spell was only mentioned by Jessie. Not much is known about it, but Jessie stated that even he wouldn't have any idea, what would happen, if someone were to cast it.

Paladins' Guild

A warrior class that follow Lumiaris, the same god that Priests worship.


  • Unknown



Known Skills/Techniques
Name Description Users
Block A skill that uses a shield to stop enemy attacks as well as throwing an enemy off balance, delaying an attack, setting up a counter by pushing forward or pulling back with the shield. Kuzaku
Punishment A powerful slash that resembles the Warrior skill Rage Blow. Kuzaku, Akira
Bash A shield skill that violently deflects attacks. Kuzaku, Tokimune
Thrust A thrust attack that is used in conjunction with a shield. Kuzaku
Guard A defensive sword technique. Kuzaku
Tug of War A defensive sword technique. Kuzaku
Feint Utilize a fake attack to draw an enemy's attention from the real attack. Kuzaku
Saber Once a ritual involving carving a hexagram into the blade and marking it with blood. Once completed a light magic spell that conveys Lumiaris's blessing on the blade to enhance the blade's sharpness. The blade also glows bright enough to distract people who look at the blade from a close distance.  Kuzaku
Double Thrust .

Hunters' Guild

A profession that focuses on tracking, survival, and bow skills that allow a party to put pressure on enemies without the use of the Mage and their fairly long cast times.

Hunters believe and worship the White Goddess Eldritch (エルリヒ, Erurihi), who is described as a giant wolf. As part of their worship Hunters must give thanks to any animal they kill, and must pray and make offerings for each meal they eat. Hunters believe that is because of the protection of Eldritch that hunters can hunt and pass their days in safety. Yume describes Eldritch as a very forgiving and understanding god that isn’t very strict on prayer or strict incantations unlike the Priest guild's deity.

There is also bad blood between Eldritch and the Black God Rigel, who is also described as a giant wolf that causes Hunters to view Rigel worshipers as their enemies.



Former Members:


Known Skills/Techniques
Name Description Users
Animal Companion A skill that allows Hunters to tame and share a common will with wolves. Cost: 1 Gold
Cross Cut
Diagonal Cross
A Hunter swings two blades in a X pattern that is a half slashing and half smashing attack. Allows blades to act as clubs that can crush or strip armor. Yume
Sweeping Slash
Brush Clearer
A powerful sideways sweeping attack. Yume
Sharp Sight
A skill that greatly improves a Hunter's accuracy with the bow by increasing visual acuity and perception. As a side effect this skill also makes it easier for hunters to avoid incoming attacks. It also used to improve the accuracy of hitting a moving target.   Yume
Pit Rat A skill that allows a hunter to swiftly dodge enemy blows. Yume
Star Pierce
Star Piercer
A skill that increases the range and power of throwing knives that can be used quicker than a bow. Yume
Fox Vault
Weasel Somersault
An evasive kukri-based dodge roll skill. Yume
Contact Shot A close range archery skill. Yume
Raging Tiger A skill that allows a hunter to perform a somersault followed by a powerful attack. Yume
Rapid Fire A skill that allows a hunter to rapidly fire arrows off at the cost of accuracy. Yume
Stop-eye A technique that uses special eye exercises, methods of breathing, and

methods of regulating the body to increase shooting accuracy.

Hunting Yume
Tracking Yume
Pit Trap Involves making a trap. Yume
Bear Trap Yume
Snare Trap Yume's mentor showed it to her once but Yume did not learn it.
Foothold Trap Mentioned as another trap skill. Requires specialized equipment.
Narrow Spear A skill used only as a last resort that uses an arrow as a melee weapon for close quarter combat. Yume

Dread Knights' Guild

A Dread Knight is similar to the Warrior in combat style however the class favors more medium-range combat. The sword skills a Dread Knight uses is known as the Dark Arts of Battle. A Dread Knight prefers to suddenly close in only to attack enemies while staying just outside striking range at all other times.

Dread Knights worship the Dark God and Ruler of Death Skulheill (スカルヘル, Sukaruheru). The profession involves summoning and being possessed by a personal demon that grows in power along with the Dread Knight’s skill. Dread Knights are forbidden to worship any other god and unlike other guilds, once you join the Dread Knights you are not allowed to leave. Due to this restriction not many volunteer soldiers become Dread Knights. Less than 1 out of 20 volunteer soldiers become Dread Knights.

The Dread Knight's Guild is located in the slums of West Town, an area in Alterna. It is underground and has been described as dank and jail-like.

There appears to be some form of hierarchy within the guild as an unknown number hold the position of lord.Their faces are always disguised and they never show kindness of any kind to others.

Dark Magic from Skulheill does not work in the Dusk Realm.


  • Unknown female lord


  • Ranta's Master - According to Ranta his teacher is a male.



Known Skills/Techniques
Name Description Users
Demon Summoning


A skill all Dread Knights know that summons a personal demon that possesses them. According to Ranta’s teacher, a demon is a mirror of its summoner and resembles the Dread Knight that calls it. A demon grows in power with the more Vices[2] a Dread Knight offers[3] to it. Ranta, Moyugi
Hatred’s Cut
A basic but enhanced cutting attack Ranta
Anger Thrust
Another name for the Warrior Guild's thrust attacks. Ranta
Juke Stab
A fancy version of the Warrior’s thrust attack that focuses on movement and range over power. Ranta
Propel Leap
A specialized movement skill that allowed Dread Knights to instantaneously put distance between them and their opponents. Ranta
Dark Terror
Dread Terror
A Dread Knight spell that looks like a purplish mist that enters the nose and mouth of opponents. The mist installs the fear of the Black God Skulheill into an opponent and robs them of rational judgment. Ranta
Expel Frenzy
A defensive skill used to create distance, involves locking swords with an enemy to shove them before leaping backwards. Lethal when paired with a follow-up attack. Ranta
Dread Aura A spell that causes a blackish purple haze to envelope the Dread Knight and gives them a general power boost Ranta
Leap Out A jumping attack skill that delivers a powerful slash to the enemy. Can decapitate enemies. Ranta
Slice A sword skill that moves in a figure eight-like pattern that slices the enemy. Ranta
Missing A dark fighting skill. Utilizes strange movements to confuse the enemy, possibly an illusion. Ranta
Dread Wave A spell. Ranta
Blood Venom It is a spell that used Skullheill's miasma to weaken the target's body. An aura leaves the Dread Knight's body and envelopes the enemy. Ranta
Shadow Step A training technique that uniquely develops the calf muscles of a Dread Knight that makes movement skills such as Exhaust more efficient and gives an extra edge to attack skills like Hatred. Ranta
  1. Demons can only be used after sunset, when the God of Light, Lumiaris’ power waned and Lord Skulheill’s born enemy. As a demon grows in power they can be summoned at sunset and sunrise, and at the highest level can be summoned during the day.
  2. Demons are ranked by Vices. Zero to ten Vices is rank one and a demon is capable of give a warning when enemies are near. Eleven to forty is rank two and the demon is now capable of distracting enemies by whispering things in their ears. Rank three is after a Dread Knight has collected forty-one or more Vices, and the demon can now trip up enemies or otherwise obstruct their movement.
  3. A demon is not a pet and must be negotiated with or appeased. Ranta’s demon, who he named Zodiac, is as lazy and prideful as he is, causing it to only help him when it feels like it. Ranta claims demons can also curse people.

Thieves' Guild

A profession that focuses on speed and agility to back stab and assassinate opponents with melee attacks or light weaponry such as knives and daggers. Their modus operandi is self-responsibility, freedom, and lack of restrictions. All thieves are issued a trade name based on personal characteristics that they use.

The guild is unique in that it does not have a strict set of rules but a code of guidelines that include:
- Not operating in an area claimed by another Thief.
- Not stealing or conducting business on another Thief or fellow reserve members.
- Conditions that apply only to Crimson Moon soldiers are that one party is allowed only one Thief at a time.

The Guild's origins go to the Kingdom of Arabakia where they were a secret society called Black Widow. When Arabakia started to expand into the frontier, Black Widow offered their assistance in return for the release of their imprisoned comrades. Those who went to the frontier as scouts, formed the Thieves' Guild.


Senior members who become instructors have the duty in giving their pupils their trade names.

  • Barbara - Haruhiro's and Sakanami's mentor
  • Choko's teacher


Former Members:


Known Skills/Techniques
Name Description Users
Gleaming Line A mysterious and secret Thief skill that seems to come and go to all Thieves. Barbara noted that it shouldn't be relied on as it occurs completely at random. A line of light that seemingly predicts how an opponent will move, it creates a path for the thief to instantly kill the enemy in one strike. It is an unusual skill as it rarely happens to any Thief, appearing only once or twice in their lifetime. Haruhiro, Barbara
Pick Lock
A very basic Thief skill that is simply learning how to pick locks. Haruhiro
A Basic attack that can cause someone to lost their balance or drop their weapon if aimed at their wrists. Like all Thief skills works best from behind or by surprise. Haruhiro
Backstab A signature skill of Thieves that allows them to stab the back of opponents for massive damage. Haruhiro, Sassa
Stealth Walk
A skill that allows Thieves to move supernaturally silent. Haruhiro, Nono
Swat A melee skill that causes opponents to lose their balance and fall to the ground, and more experienced users can inflict critical injuries. Less likely to work on especially strong or tough enemies. Particularly effective for parrying attacks in a duel. Haruhiro, Sassa, Ogu
A kicking skill that causes enemies to fall over. Sassa, Haruhiro
Widow Maker
A powerful melee technique involving joint locks where Thieves instantly seize a target from behind, and then mortally wound them. Without a knife can still be used as a lethal attack by breaking a target’s neck. Can be used to non lethally cripple a opponent. Cost: 40 Silver Haruhiro
Arrest A martial art technique utilizing an arm bar with a leg sweep to immobilize an opponent. Haruhiro
A skill that allows Thieves to steal or pickpocket from others. Mentioned by Haruhiro as a possible skill to learn.

A method that aims to kill. It is a flurry of attacks that does not allow the enemy to respond. As it only concerns in offense, defense is absent thus the wielder pours complete effort into his/her attack. It is best used with Dual Wield. Cost: 1 Gold and 20 Silver

Dual Wield The ability to wield two weapons at once. Haruhiro, Sakanami
Stealth The ultimate thieving skill. Allows the user to conceal their presence. The skill has three sub-parts: 1) Hide - Eliminate your presence, 2) Swing - Move with your presence eliminated, 3) Sense - To use your senses to detect the presences of others. Cost: 20 Gold Haruhiro
Air Throw A technique from the art of fighting and killing. Mentioned by Haruhiro as a potential skill to learn.
Pickpocket Mentioned by Haruhiro as a potential skill to learn.
Hitter Striking the opponent's jaw with palm. This skill can also be used with a weapon, which is how Haruhiro employs it. Haruhiro
Flinch Kicking dirt towards the opponent's eyes. Haruhiro

Other Professions

Those professions are mentioned only:

  • Necromancer
  • Shaman
    • Can only be learned from the elves in Shadow Forest. Elves that are talented with spells learn from the Six Spells school and become shamans.
    • Shima is a human who learned how to become a shaman.
  • Sword Dancer
    • Can only be learned from the elves in Shadow Forest. Elves talented with swords learn from the Seven Swords school and become sword dancers.
  • Samurai
  • Archer
    • Can only be learned from the elves in Shadow Forest. Elves talented in archery learn from the Five Bows school and become archers.