Gogh (ゴッホ, Gohho) is the Priest of Akira's team. He is the husband of Kayo, another member of the same team.



Gohho is short and slender appears to be in his forties. He looks like an artist and wears a priest's outfit.



While Gogh is currently a Priest, he started off as a Mage and eventually mastered all the spells that the Mage Guild taught. This lead to Gogh developing his own original spells. However, Gogh's constitution was always frail and old age makes it so he can only cast a couple of spells before becoming exhausted.




Gogh's wife.



An elf who is Gogh's adoptive son.





  • J-Novel translation of Gohho's name is Gogh.
  • Carries the Day Breaker's receiver Relic for Team Akira.


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