Ginzy (ギンジー, Ginjī) is a member of the K&K Pirate Company (K&K海賊商会, kaizoku shōkai). He is of the Sahagin race of fish.

He is a character of the Dai Eiyū series, which happens to be a Grimgar spin-off also written by Ao Jūmonji.


His Sahagin race gives him an appearance of a half-fish, half-human appearance.


He is described as 'annoying' (ウザ, uza) by Haruhiro.






  • "Miss Momohinaa! It's me; it's me! It's me, Ginzy! I've come to pick you up! Miiiss Momohiiinnaa, can you heaar mee?! Even though I've come to pick you uupp?!!"


  • He may be inspired by Katari, a character from Ao Jūmonji's first light novel series, Bara no Maria. Unlike Ginzy, Katari is human but sometimes has the look of a half-fish. They are both said to be 'annoying' (ウザ, uza) by the protagonists of their respective novel series.


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