Crying Doesn't Mean You're Weak. Enduring Doesn't Mean You're Strong is the 5th episode of Hai to Gensō no Grimgar anime adaptation. It first aired on February 08, 2016.


The group is despondent after Manato's death and funeral. The boys decide that they cannot proceed without a priest in the party and, with Haruhiro acting as spokesman, recruit Mary.

She, however, proves to be a sullen, taciturn person who rubs everyone in the group the wrong way. How will they function if they cannot fully accept one another?


Ranta tells the group he's leaving, and Yume yells at him that he's a jerk.

Haruhiro and Moguzo later finds him in the tavern, and Ranta gets 2 more drinks. they yell at each other for a bit, before calming down. Then a member from another party shows up and tells them that he can hear them from across the tavern. He asks them whats up with "Manny" and Ranta tells him Manato has died. He doesn't really sympathize with them and tells them that priests are targeted because they heal the others. He then hooks them up with a new priest called Mary.

The next day, they failed at introducing themselves and when they battled goblins, Mary disagreed with their battle-plan. She told them that the priest should never be a vanguard (which is a good point). She then refuses to heal Ranta when he is cut, telling them that he can suck it up till after the battle.

Ranta and the other boys are venting about her, when Renji shows up and tries to pay his respects by giving them a gold piece. Haruhiro quickly gives it back, telling his party that Manato wouldn't want them to spend money they didn't earn.

Haruhiro then goes to confront the girls. Yume walks out of the house, and sees him. Haruhiro asks her if she's mad at him and she replies that she isn't. She asks why he would think that and he replies that he recruited Mary without asking the girls. Yume breaks and shoves him against the wall, yelling at him that that wasn't it. She tells him that she thought they were all friends. Haruhiro apologizes for letting himself and the other guys seclude the girls. Haruhiro and Yume start crying about Manato.

When Haruhiro and Yume finish crying, Yume is cuddled with Haruhiro in the mud. She asks him if she can stay in his arms for awhile longer, because it made her feel warm. Shihoru then opens the bathhouse window and notices them there. She frantically says she's sorry, while Haruhiro figures out that she's misunderstanding the situation. He tries to tell her that she's not interrupting anything, but she quickly closes the window. Yume then randomly shrieks, telling Haruhiro that she just got why Shihoru was embarrassed.

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