Sky Dancing with Ash is the 4th episode of Hai to Gensō no Grimgar anime adaptation. It first aired on February 01, 2016.


Becoming more confident, the group starts to hunt goblins in larger numbers, but when they encounter a group too powerful for them to defeat they retreat.

As they flee, Manato takes an arrow to the back and, having exhausted his healing powers earlier, he collapses. The rest of the group rush to return Manato to town and are devastated when they find that he has died and cannot be brought back.


The whole team demonstrates their newly acquired skills by fighting a group of 3 goblins. After, Yume talks about her god. Manato tells Moguzo that he is their strong shield. With heavy, precise blows. Manato then tells Ranta that he is never afraid to charge into battle. Without him, everyone else would be to cautious to progress the battle. He then tells Yume that she is the bravest of the group. He tells Shihoru that, while she's shy, she is observant and her shadow magic is great. Manato seems to forget to include Haruhiro.

The team gets up to leave, and Haruhiro notices a goblin in the distance readying an arrow. He pushes Manato out of the way, and the arrow strikes him in the shoulder. The goblin shoots another arrow and it hits Haruhiro in the leg. While Manato brings Haruhiro to cover and heals his wounds, more goblins show up. Ranta attacks a huge goblin with a club, locking weapons. Haruhiro throws his dagger, which lodges in the big goblin's neck. Everyone begins to retreat, and just as they get out of harm's way, Manato is shot by the archer.

Manato hides it until they get to the forest. As Manato dies, he tries to tell Haruhiro that he needs to-. (he dies, so we never hear what he had to say.) Haruhiro tells everyone to pull the arrow out and put pressure on the wound. They bring Manato to the priest master, but he tells everyone that he is already dead. He tells them that he should be cremated. The party heeds the warning.

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