Between Life and Death is the 11th episode of Hai to Gensō no Grimgar anime adaptation. It first aired March 21, 2016.


The sight of Death Spot has paralyzed Mary and we see a flashback of her previous encounter with the giant kobold. When she snaps out of it, she leads the party away, since they would be at a disadvantage in the open field. They stop for a rest in the ruins of a temple. As it turns out, this is where Mary previously encountered Death Spot and her friends died. The party's rest is interrupted by three undead - the reanimated corpses of Mary's friends whose bodies were not cremated. The group manage to fend off the undead long enough for Mary to purify them. Their relief is short-lived as Death Spot appears, forcing them to flee. The party is chased through the caverns and narrowly manages to escape, although Ranta is cutoff and left behind.


Characters In Order of Appearance