Darunggar (ダルングガル, Darungugaru) is an alternate world where its unique trait is opposite to the Dusk Realm - it is perpetually set in the night.


Departure of the Gods



Or "Moth Forest" is home to multiple creatures including small moth like creatures called Yegyorns [Mist Moths] and the weasel-like creatures called Getaguna. Because of the poisonous Yegyorns the residents of Well Village strictly avoid this forest. This is the first place the party, unknowingly, treks through as they make their way to Well Village from the mouth of the cave.

Well Village

A village in a warped circle, surrounded by a moat and a river. There are fourteen single-floor buildings of varying sizes. There is a plaza in the center of the village with a well at its center. Five buildings face the center plaza: blacksmith, mask shop, clothing and bag shop, grocery store, and sage Oubu’s lab.

Across the plaza is a large building made of piled stones with glass windows. Inside it is overflowing with many unique and different things that do not belong in Darunggar. Most notably is the doll “Kinuko” who is worshiped, along with the other foreign objects, by the villagers because she came from another world. Presumably all these items come from the original world of the Crimson Moon Solders as they seem familiar to Haruhiro’s team. 

Charcoal Burner's Home

Sleeping Corpse Swamp

City of the Dead Ones

Steep Mountains


The town of Herbesit is a three-day trip west of Well Village. It is a very dangerous town where in the vast majority of Herbesit, the provocations, violence, and robbery go on without end. While the side streets are better, they are filled with the injured and the beggars. Haruhiro’s team is warned not to touch anything as deadly diseases are not uncommon.

Herbesit is divided up into territories controlled by gangs. Central Herbesit is Garafan’s (sharp claw) territory, Western Herbesit is Jagma’s (great storm), and Eastern Herbesit is Skullhellgs’ (the children of Skullhell). In the Old Town of Herbesit there are underground aqueducts and graveyards that are controlled by the Zeran (the scholars).


Past some farms just outside of Herbesit "The Field of Bones" was apparently an old battlefield where the forces of Lumiaris and Skullhell once waged an intense battle, and some great power had caused the death of tens of thousands.







Wild Life


  • Divine magic works but only at 1/3 of its usual power and effectiveness.