Britney (ブリトニー, Buritonī) is the Commanding Officer of Red Moon Volunteer Army, Alterna Frontier Army's reserve force and is responsible for introducing Haruhiro and the others to the world of Grimgar. His real name is Shibutori (シブトリ).



He prefers to be called Bri-chan (ブリちゃん). As he is both a veteran and a minor government official, it is likely he is very organized. He showcased a temperamental and violent side when he pointed his knife at Renji for angering him.



As a Paladin, he likely used the sword-and-shield maneuvers of his Class, in addition to its light magics. As he has been in Grimgar for 15 years, he is likely very strong. Further, as Commanding Officer of the Red Moon, he is a government official, suggesting he excels at his combat and accounting duties.





  • Comes from a younger generation of volunteer soldiers than Unjo.
  • Has been a volunteer soldier for at least 15 years.


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