Anthony Justin (アントニー・ジャスティン, Antonī Jasutin) is a high-ranking soldier from the Frontier Army.



Anthony is a man who is very devoted and proud of his fellow soldiers, and has great courage with a sense of honor, noting in amazement how the Orcs they were attacking were making such brave but suicidal choices. However, he has a notable dislike for mainland nobility, describing the political situation as a 'castle built on sand' due to what he sees as the instability. In particular, he seems to hold a significant dislike of Ren Waters for his apparent incompetence and cowardice.


Justin appears for the first an only time as a Warrior on the front lines of operation Twin Snake. He is unique as far as characters go as he is a human that is actually native to Grimgar. It is from his perspective review of the situation that the audience learns of the mainland politics of Grimgar.


Anthony Justin is a skilled Warrior who has experience with fighting orcs.

  • Wind


Graham Lasentora

Graham is Anthony's commanding officer whom Anthony respects greatly.


  • "Die, Ren Waters!"


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