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• 10/13/2018

What's the point of paladins?

I was reading the first light novel and towards the end it says that Souma changed his class from warrior to paladin after the party priest's death. Now, what's the point of paladins? Can they heal or are they the same as warriors? And if they can heal, aren't they an overall better choice than priests?

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• 3/9/2018

Main Plot

Given the pace at which the story has progressed, how long do you think it will be before the main characters get to the No-Life King or find something about how they came to be on Grimgar?
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• 1/13/2018

Your Guild

What would your guild/class be?
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• 7/1/2017

Main Characters if they Multiclassed

If Team Haruhiro had to change their class, what other class would suit them best?

Haruhiro - Hunter. A hunter has many similar traits to a thief. Haruhiro and Yume are the scouts of the party so being able to track/read trails combined with Sneaking would be beneficial. Both a Hunter and a Thief are lightly armored. A Hunter would also give Haruhiro ranged capabilities with archery. He would also gain skills that enhance his visual acuity, dodging capabilities, and additional knife skills as that is his primary weapon as a Thief.

Ranta - Dread Knight ergo no other class.

Yume - Thief. Pretty much for all the same reasons as Haruhiro. Being a Thief would compliment Yume's skills as a Hunter.

Shihoru - Really, the only thing for her is to be a Priest. Can't see her being anything else.

Mary - Mage is a possibility, though given how she used to be a frontline fighter in her first party I could see her as a Paladin.

Kuzaku - Honestly not sure. A Warrior would not be too be a stretch.

Moguzo - Paladin, obviously, but I can also see him being a good Priest, however it wouldn't play to his strength.

Manato - Honestly he would probably be great in any class but I could see him being a great Paladin or Warrior.

What are your choices?
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• 6/22/2017

Grimgar - Fantasy or Video Game World?

I have found supporting evidence for both theories, though I lean towards it being a fantasy world. Interested in hearing your thoughts.
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• 6/20/2017

Design Changes

In light of the new J-Novel translations, many things have different names than what they did. The wiki will begin transitioning to use the official translations.

One of the admins is also doing some design changes, including towards the infobox template, navigation guide and the Header of the wiki. If you wish to contribute or give suggestions to design changes then please contact the admin.
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• 12/2/2016
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